Sunday, February 11, 2007

Technical Demo of my Game Framework

Since there are no instructions whatsoever in the demo (wasn't meant for public release :P), here's how to use it, (the links are at the bottom of this post)

General Instructions:
* Use the menu to disable AI for a plane so that you can control it.
* C key to change the camera
* Arrow keys for flight control, uses Inverted Y control, so down arrow key Pulls up
Control key - Increase thrust, Shift Key - Decrease thrust
* Hold M key - To disable Mouse Stick control, releasing the latter enables Mouse Stick again
* Space - Fire cannon (cannon can aim, it shoots towards the designated mouse marker)
* Collision with terrain = destruction, so watch out
* 10 shots of cannon to destroy a plane.
* Explosions have particle system
* W/A/S/D works only in free Camera (Camera 0)

* Download and Extract to a folder
* Download DLL's and extract to folder.
* Run the application :D

Download links:
Download Demo
Download Required DLL's

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